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We produce tyre curing bladders for BOM / KRUPP, car form and motorcycle curing press tyres.

As experts in the rubber and metal processing industry, we develop tyre curing bladders for heat presses in common dimensions and three different surface variants. Our tyre curing bladders are uniformly and consistently structured by means of automated injection processes and are particularly thin-walled, which minimises the heating effort and protects the inner linings of your tyres. We are an independent producer of bladders for curing presses, manufacturing our high quality products based on experience in the tyre industry, in our production halls.


Small Pebble, Spiderweb or Groove -

your bladder for the production of high quality tyres.

HKL manufactures tyre curing bladders for all tyre types from motorcycles to vans. The surface structure ensures optimal venting in tyre vulcanisation processes. Our experts will be glad to help you make the perfect choice for your heat press and tyre mould.

  • Small-Pebble
  • Spiderweb
  • Small-Pebble
  • Groove


Maximise quality,

reduce production costs.

Modern injection methods increase the service life of the tyre curing bladder and at the same time allow very small wall thicknesses. This shortens the heating times in the tyre press. For your tyre production, this means less energy expenditure, more efficiency in the production process.

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